My creations,
a homage to Mother Earth

These themed pendants can be mixed and matched with interchangeable fine gemstones thanks to snap rings. Match your favourite pendant with a gorgeous gemstone of your choice. Vibrant colours and infinite possibilities....
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What I do

“To date, the planet Earth is the only oasis of life known to man in the astronomical desert that is the universe. Taking care of it, respecting its physical and biological integrity, using its resources sparingly, fostering peace and solidarity between humans and respect for all life forms, is the most worthwhile and magnificent project there is.”Pierre Rabhi


My creations are a homage to planet Earth – always a source of inspiration thanks to its astonishing diversity. My jewellery is made from materials of the highest quality including fine gemstones such as amethyst, amazonite and emerald as well as precious metals. The entire range is created and manufactured in Switzerland.